Services – What we can do

We provide businesses and professionals with the full range of services and professional advice in the areas of auditing and administrative and accounting organisation. From statutory auditing to internal auditing, analysis and organisation of accounting and administrative activity to the drafting and certification of corporate recovery plans, to accounting due diligence during the acquisition of companies, undertakings or business lines.

  • Statutory and voluntary audits of separate and consolidated financial statements
  • Audits of interim statements
  • Reporting package for the consolidation of Italian companies by foreign groups
  • Periodic review of the accuracy of bookkeeping
  • Reconstruction of company accounts for current and past years
  • Auditing and monitoring of EU-funded projects
  • Assistance in accounting and financial reporting to the staff of client enterprises
  • Assistance in the introduction of IAS/IFRS accounting standards
  • Accounting system design analysis
  • Process redesign and support to the companies’ internal organisation
  • Support to businesses to optimise their internal audit function
  • Assistance in implementing internal control and reporting procedures
  • Accounting, tax and financial due diligence
  • Drafting and certification of corporate recovery plans