Our competencies

Audit Quality’s aim is to strengthen our market position by building the professional skills of our staff. We believe this is the secret to delivering truly outstanding services to our clients.

Our company’s activity is entirely focused on delivering the highest standard of service and constant client support. The key to achieving this goal is our strong commitment to the constant development and growth of our people, the professionals who work daily with our clients.

Like many other sectors, the audit industry too is facing significant changes brought about by technological innovation, with automated procedures and tests that while delivering cost and time savings might on the other hand impact quality of service. In response to these challenges, Audit Quality has put in place a staff management procedure based on three key points:

  • close relations with employees at all levels: constant professional exchange between our teams, transparent relationships and a person-centred constructive approach.
  • ongoing cross-cutting training, not limited to the areas of financial reporting and auditing: all our team members must master a strong set of competencies in order to work with our clients. Our young recruits fresh from university are required to build at least two years’ professional experience or pass specific skills tests on essential competencies before interacting with our clients. We ensure that our professionals interacting directly with clients gain extensive knowledge of accounting and financial reporting; we also give them continuing training to ensure they continue to strengthen their expertise in the areas of direct taxation and VAT. We also foster development of their communication and interaction skills and proficiency in the English language.
  • advancement within the firm is based both on regular performance assessment by superiors and on objective tests: a requirement for career progression within Audit Quality is to pass the skills tests held in June of each year and, after completing the mandatory training period, to pass the tests to qualify as Certified Accountants and Auditors.